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Debt Dandy 66

Debt Dandy 66

Another friday morning, and I feel so horny. Not that I don’t have enough regular sex during the week, but of course sex recorded on my cam means more excitement. In the end that’s the main reason why I do it. This cutie lived in a nice and cozy flat with his girlfriend. It seems to me that to have a girlfriend is equivalent to have debts here in Czech republic. After we summed up his or better say their debts I gave him my offer, straight and clear stating what I want from him. This time took me a lot of energy to convince him especially cause he got scared in the middle cause his girlfriend called him that she will be at home soon. I don’t understand why he didn’t just tell her, that he is trying to solve their fucked up situation. I just wanted to pop his little cheery 🙂

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