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Debt Dandy 65

Debt Dandy 65

I have just met one of the most beautiful boy. Living only a few meters away from my own apartment. He was without a job, money and his girlfriend didn’t know a thing. Therefore he was desperate to find a quick solution. I knew that I will get him to agree to my offer. I was amazed once I saw the sex X cross in his bed room. He told me that his girlfriend is into SM stuff. That gave me a massive turn on and I couldn’t wait to have him all naked, sucking my cock like a lollipop. While he was sucking me his girlfriend came home and we have been almost caught. Luckily he didn’t get scared and we could continue just where we left off. Once I’ve had enough, I lubed up my hungry cock and gave him the order to spread his cheeks so the fucking could start.

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