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The Portrait of Dorian Gay (1974)

The Portrait of Dorian Gay (1974)

The Portrait of Dorian Gay is based on the story by Oscar Wilde, about a young man who doesn’t want to get older, yet the portrait of him in the attic reflects his ongoing age and purity. In this gay version The Portrait of Dorian Gray, Dorian commissions an artist to paint his portrait, the artist becomes so infatuated with Dorian that he gives the young aristocrat a magical ring. This ring turns Dorian into an irresistible god of love, with a hot body and a long thick cock.
Dorian at this point starts to have sexual encounters with men who lust after him when they are in his presence. After many encounters Dorian realizes that for him to have love and happiness he must give of himself. and that all these men are not fulfilling his need for love. Meanwhile the artist who gave Dorian the magical ring is jealous of all the men Dorian is having sex with and destroys the ever changing painting in the attic, thus ending Dorian magic over men.

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