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Falcon Studios – The Big Ones (1990)

Falcon Studios – The Big Ones (1990)

Initially, this was not one of my favorites. But after going back and watching it a second time, it actually holds up really, really well. After seeing it, you’ll probably shout out a “All hail Mr. Scarborough!”

The true highlights here are not the outdoor shots (like the non-existent plot, they don’t matter) but the incredible “audition” Karl does at a dance/sex club. When he finally unleashes his dick in front of Rick, and buttfucks his bottle of beer, you’ll be gagging in ecstasy. Also, Rick pummels Josh towards the end of the flick. Josh is probably screaming for two reasons. One, Rick’s cock is fucking huge. Second, Rick plows him without a “love glove.” While some may disagree datewise, we consider it full-on bareback fucking.

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