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Dirty Scout 78

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If you like fresh unspoiled meat, this is your boy Dirty Scout 78. He turned 18 just two months ago! He finished school but wasn’t able to find a job. The relationship with his family wasn’t that great so he planned to move to Prague.

I loved him from the start. Very submissive which was a nice change. He didn’t object against my offers too much. Still, I could see he was a little scared. Such a cute boy afraid of loosing his virginity. I let him prepare himself with his fingers. It wasn’t enough, his ass was incredibly tight. Well, he had to endure it.

That’s how this office works. Of course, he could walk away but he wanted to prove to me how diligent he was. He endured everything. The guy will be a great employee. I hope he might need a new job in the future. Because he was awesome.

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