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Debt Dandy 80

You need money? Ok, I’ll come over and hear you out. And maybe I’ll help you out. This is how the story goes. And it would be completely acceptable by the society if…
Usually banks and similar institutions will lend you cash, but with absurd interest and you end up with huge burden on your shoulders, impossible to get rid of it. Me, on the other hand, I just come over, sum up the debts and just give the money. What is my interest? Just a pleasure. I like them young, I like them naked and I like them a bit scared of what is about to happen. The tension is vibrating through their bodies and I can fell it with my once I enter them. Gents, some say that promiscuity is a sin, but I say it’s NOT! So I hope you will enjoy this young fella as much as I did.

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