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Debt Dandy 69

Debt Dandy 69

Stupidity and lack of thinking brought him into the situation without any normal or decent solution. It is really sad, but great for this little project and hobby of mine. A kind of nice and spacey flat and even clean. I like that. He was behind with his rent, phone bill and as well owed cash to his friends. So basically I already won. Just a small prize to pay for his frightened and virgin asshole. 26,000 CZK, that was his debt. But cause he was unemployed there was no way to borrow money from the bank or any other institution. I was his one and only chance to save his stupid sorry ass. Again, he surprised me how tidy his place was, but pissed me off with his stupidity. So I am not gonna be gentle with him. He will jerk me, suck me and after that, I will fuck his brains out.

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