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This boy wasn’t exactly a genius. He lived at his brother and mother but he had to screw something up pretty Debt Dandy 242 badly because they were about to kick him out on the street. He needed money to rent a new flat quickly. He worked at a nearby fast food, probably because he had trouble to count to ten… Well, I don’t mind shagging such guys if they are young and tasty. He hated my offers but couldn’t afford to pay the installments I offered him so eventually I managed to convince the boy. And I must say that he gave me one of the best blowjobs I had this year. He was like a vacuum cleaner. His ass was a bit too tight for my cock. Not that I complained, of course. I rammed his finely shaped butt and then unloaded on his pretty face.

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  • He is so
    Cute I
    Would take of
    Him pretty fucked up you made fun on him because he couldn’t count.