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Debt Dandy 104

My mission is not just to have fun with the boys. It might seem sometimes a bit rude how I treat them but they should not have the feeling that they get the money for free. It should also teach them a lesson not to make new debts. Today a young guy called me and I was impressed about a rather nice apartment he was living in. A bit messy though but I slowly get used to it. His debts summed up to 31.000 CZK and it was basically the overdue rent. I offered him my deal and he agreed. First I wanted him to go to the balcony and scream out „I have debts!“ He did it. And after that I wanted to enjoy his body. He was very thin but like most of the thin guys he was well-equipped. I told him to masturbate and then to suck me. Then I inspected his ass…


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