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Czech Hunter 174

Czech Hunter 174

Xmas is over, I gained some kilos due to gluttony. So I have decided even tough the freezing cold outside that I take my camera and hunt for some young fresh meat. Long time since I went to Barrandov hills so I’ve chose it as my location. I have seen a cute fella entering a tram, so I followed. Went straight to the point and started to persuade him with my kinky proposals. After a while I’ve seen his cock right there in a tram. But he was bit shy about the camera and public, so I proposed to go to the hotel. Luckily he agreed and we went to the first one in sight. Once he saw my cock he has been shocked but the money was convincing enough for him to suck me long and deep. I knew I won’t resist for much longer and asked him the question. Was just a matter of money after all and I got what I wanted. I popped his cherry like a Santa Claus. Anyway, I would like to wish you all happy new year, and stay tuned for more exciting and more public Czech Hunter videos.

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